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Which sunscreen should I use for Dubai weather? top 6 choices

Couple on a beach using suncreen protection
Couple on a beach

We are all guilty of forgetting to apply sunscreen, but now that summer is in full swing it’s time to start taking our health into consideration. A recent study by the Skin Cancer Foundation found that only 16% of adults use sunscreen daily and many people are unaware of what type is best for them. So we are here today to help you find out which kind will be most beneficial and safe for your skin!

It’s important to know that the climate in the UAE is classified as hyperarid, and that is due to it’s location within northern desert belt. Starting from May temperatures in Dubai can reach up to 45°C which is extremely hot and humid, that’s why it’s very important to use sun protection during the day if you live in Dubai or even if you are just a tourist.

If you’re looking for a sunscreen that is not greasy, won’t break the bank and will provide high protection from the sun, this blog post is perfect for you. In it we’ll review some of the best sunscreens on the market and what they offer. As well as make sure to cover when to apply sunscreen, how often you should reapply and what SPF level is right for your skin type. So if you’re ready to get started then keep reading!

Here are a few facts about sunscreen and their benefits

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Well, let’s start talking about what does the SPF number means! The sun protection factor (SPF) measures the amount of protection from UVB rays and refers to how long it’s safe for you to be exposed to the sun without getting sunburned, for example let’s say you used Avene high protection sunscreen that has SPF 30 written on the package, that means you can stay in the sun 30 times longer than you would stay without using sun protection, another way to explain this, if it usually takes your skin 10 seconds to burn without sunblock, then it would take it 2.5 hours to burn with sunblock SPF 30.

What is the difference between sunscreen SPF 30 and SPF 50?

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Studies have proven that there’s no way you can protect your skin 100% from UVB rays, but you can maximize the protection up to 98% by using higher SPF.

Let’s say that if you use Avene sunscreen with SPF 30 your skin will be 97% protected from the sun, and if you use Avene very high protection sunscreen with SPF 50+ then your skin will be 98% protected from the sun, now we know that’s not a huge difference (1% only) but it really matters for the long run, especially if you are exposed to direct sunlight on a daily basis, if you don’t use sun protection with high SPF it might leads you to skin cancer, Pigmentations, wrinkles…

How do I apply sunscreen on my face?

How do you apply sunscreen on your face

Before applying sunscreen on your face, it is very important to know few basic steps you need to follow first:

  • Cleansing: cleaning your face from makeup residue, oil, dead skin… it will help you clean your skin pores so your skin can breath! If you don’t know which cleanser you should use, we recommend for you to use The Organic Pharmacy Cleansing Milk .
  • Moisturizing: After cleaning your skin, the first thing you want to do is moisturizing your face and that includes your neck too! The moisturizer will penetrate into your skin pores and will keep it hydrated, also it will prevent your skin from dryness, we recommend for you one of the best and well known moisturizers Bielenda Rose Face Care Moisturizing and Soothing Cream

Should I apply sunscreen when I’m indoors?

Beautiful young woman using sunscreen indoor
Beautiful young woman reminiscing at home indoor

Yes, of course you should make sunscreen a part of your daily skin care routine, it doesn’t matter whether you’re indoors or outdoors, whether it’s cloudy or rainy! In all circumstances scientists have proven that UVA rays can still reach your skin and effect it. Although, if you are not exposed to direct sunlight you can use sunscreen with SPF 30.

Final Thoughts

Young father applying sun cream to daughter on the beach. Sun protection
Young father applying sun cream to daughter on the beach. Sun protection

While sunscreen is a crucial step for sun protection, it’s not enough on its own. Take these extra precautions: Seek the shade whenever possible, and wear sun-safe clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and UV-blocking sunglasses, especially during peak ray intensity, 10 AM to 4 PM.

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