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Super Sponge Blendish Silicone Makeup Pallete Ring Purple

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Blendish is the perfect hands-free solution for mixing makeup or when beginning your foundation routine No more awkwardly pumping liquid makeup directly to your face (or hand, or sponge) Made from premium grade silicone, Blendish gives a comfortable fit and an ultra-hygienic surface for mixing both liquid and cream products Material- Silicone Size- 2×1.5×0.75 in
APPLICATION MADE EASY. No more awkwardly pumping liquid makeup directly to your face, hand, or sponge! Now you can begin any foundation routine by pumping your makeup onto a clean, easy to use surface. EASY MAKEUP MIXINGMixing both liquid and cream prodcts has never been easier. Customize and blendyour own shades to perfection! Mix in your luminous primer with foundation for a glowy finish! The options are endless. ONE SIZE FITS ALL Blendish is made from a bendable silicone material which can fit any finger – small or large – securely! Get a comfortable fit every time.
Step 1. PLACE ON FINGER: Simply attach your Blendish to the ring finger, middle finger or index finger. Easy as that! Step 2. PUMP, MIX AND APPLY MAKEUP Apply foundation, concealer, primer, lotion or any other liquid or cream makeup onto your Blendish. Then use your Super Sponge, or any other applicator, to pick up the makeup and apply to face. You can use it to simply pump foundation onto a clean, mess-free surface prior to application. Or use it to mix both liquid and cream products. Step 3. CLEAN REGULARLY You can clean your Blendish anyway you like, Sponge Bath soap (or any other type of soap) and warm water will remove all makeup and dirt with ease. For lazy days, simply use the edge of a wet Cake Off (or any other makeup wipe) to wipe down surface.
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