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Esse Sensitive Protect Oil 15ml

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Aiming to increase probiotic microbial populations to the point that there are no available niches for invaders. this prevents activation of your skin’s immune system and reduces redness and irritation. barrier function – it is possible to radically improve barrier function with live probiotic microbes. with improved barrier function there is reduced redness and inflammation because fewer molecules from the “outside” reach the lower layers of skin. actives – 1 billion cfu per ML probiotic lactobacillus microbes

This serum contains more than one billion live probiotic lactobacillus microbes per millilitre; these microbes are activated on contact with water on the skin. Once active, they equip the skin to rectify imbalances and strengthen barrier function
The sensitive serum should be used twice a day for distressed skin. the temperature of the product needs to be kept above 4°c and below 35°c
The Product Description Information Listed Above Is Indicative Only and Sourced From The Product Manufacturer and/Or Supplier. It May Be Possible That The Product Information Is Incomplete Or Inaccurate In Certain Respects. It Is Therefore Recommended That You Use The Product Description Information As A Guide, But That You Verify The More Detailed Information In Relation To The Product Upon Physical Receipt. This Would Include Information On Matters Such As Proper Application, Potential Side-Effects, Ingredients and Any Application/Usage Guidelines Or Warnings.